Panka Bencsik


I am Panka Bencsik, Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the University of Chicago, Urban Labs.

My research largely centers on causal questions in public economics with a focus on health economics and the economics of crime. One stream of my research agenda explores the functioning of the US criminal justice system, and in particular the impact of policing and the impact of alternative strategies in relation to the current opioid crisis. The second stream of my agenda focuses on questions related to health behaviors and mental health.

At the University of Chicago Urban Labs my research portfolio includes topics such as the intersection of policing and mental health, substance use treatment, gun violence in Chicago, and populations engaging in risky behaviors.

I am the founder of the Mental Health Economics Special Interest Group of iHEA. See more here and follow us on Twitter here.

See my CV here.

You can reach me at pankabencsik at uchicago dot edu.

Name pronounced as: Pankasounds like Bianca or Blanca; Bencsiksounds like Ben-chick (as in chickpeas)