I have extensive teaching experience and an excellent track record. I was instructor for a range of courses at all undergraduate levels.

My most recent peer (faculty) reviewer called my teaching "exemplary," adding that the university "would do well to have others observe her teaching methods."
My students have described my teaching "precise and clear" and "engaging, with class discussions." My classroom was described as an "inclusive" environment where students are "encouraged to put in the work."

At the University of Sussex I taught:

​Econometrics (400 level)

Statistics for Economics and Finance (200 level)

Introduction to Econometrics (300 level)

Introduction to Mathematics for Finance and Economics (100 level)

Introduction to Statistics (100 level)


I have taken part in working on the draft version of CORE, a 'textbook with "a grand idea" to overhaul economics teaching,' says The Economist.

As a recognition for that I am a CORE-Teagle Fellow.